Based at the mouth of the canyon in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, Emily holds a classy taste for modern fine art and a distinctive, tailored approach to her clients, in fashion, editorial, and wedding photography. Her style  embodies a clean and bold aesthetic that tells a unique story through imagery.


Emily believes that each individual in a given project holds a special ability to add their own personal touch, she excels at unlocking that potential and capturing it. She's inspired by  each individual and their character; no two people are the same. Her vision is bringing each individual a service that captures their story with timeless imagery and professional artistry, setting aside herself, to create the story of another.


Emily’s passion for storytelling through captured light is reflected by her artistry, capturing emotion with a tender balance of timeless elegance and cinematic style; catching romance at its most vulnerable.

She is most fulfilled when shooting romantic, chic and simplistic images, that overflow with intrigue and allure. 

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